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Tantra Does Transform Your Sex Life!

Tantra transforms your sex life.
It’s not all about endless intercourse without ejaculating.
In fact, the thought of long intercourse for hours on end puts off many – including the women on mumsnet forum… who were shocked at one woman’s admission that her boyfriend had promised her hours of sensual bliss. They made the common mistake of assuming this meant hours of intercourse and reacted with comments as if this was akin to torture! Can I state the obvious – sex isn’t all about intercourse!
However, many couples in long term relationships experience total stagnation of intimacy, interest and desire and experience precious little satisfaction between the sheets. I’m developing a great program for re-awakening sexual desire.
Authentic Tantra is about awakening your life force so that your whole life becomes invigorated with energy – a quality of energy known as bliss. Tantric practitioners discovered that sex is fantastic at generating blissful energy. Tantra is not about sex, but sex is one of the easiest ways that we can access it. Tantra involves a paradigm shift in how you view sexuality.
Tantra has taken off in the West because this also fills our sex lives with more power and passion than we thought possible and expands our orgasmic potential exponentially.
Many people turn to Tantra to learn all about mind-blowing orgasms. Tantra can totally transform your capacity for orgasm.
This website offers a doorway into the world of orgasmic ecstasy, into expanded orgasms, extended orgasms, multiple orgasms and whole body orgasms.

Tantra involves a paradigm shift in how you approach sexuality, love and the spiritual dimension of your relationship.        


Tantric sex is about opening up to the delicious possibilities of sex when you surrender to erotic energy.

Tantric Massage
Tantric Massage


If you make making love the centre of your relationship. It will keep you in constant connection. It will deepen your connection and nourish you. Your partner adoration and worship will build your self-esteem and sexual confidence, so that you can take yourself and your lover on a journey of exploration – of all the deeper possibilities in sex.

You will both discover that what is needed is to let go of all the barriers to feeling alive, vital and sexy.
To allow your sexuality to power your being.

These include discarding old unhelpful attitudes, reshaping our hormonal systems and finding better ways to deal with stress, so that we can live in the moment, enjoying what it has to offer when it comes.

Sometimes we have to relearn how to relate sexually. When we are connected with our lover we feel more calm and accepting of our own nature, open to exploration, accepted, loved and loving.
If you don’t feel all that right now – perhaps because your partnership has become mired in resentment, blame and negativity you can use the Tantric path of love to clear that negativity and create a firm basis for your relationship in love.

The power of sexuality can be harnessed to clear all these blocks from your body…which is what we mean by the expression, ecstasy is necessary!

Cassandra Lorius MA PgDip is a sex therapist and best selling author with a background in Tantra.

Cassandra Loirus, Tantric Couple TherapistCassandra Lorius, Tantric Couple Therapist


As a sex therapist experienced in Tantra as well as sex and relationship therapy, I can confirm that the experiences Tantric sex offers will radically transform the more mundane and mechanistic approaches many of us have to their sex life. These attitudes end up destroying the essential chemistry of a couple and end up driving them apart. Our drive for sexual satisfaction is so great that we will sacrifice companionate marriages based on supportive friendship for a taste of erotic highs.

For women

Tantra offers you a challenge – to step into your true nature, experience yourself as a body of energy, as sensual, sexy, potent and magnetism reversing decades of misbeliefs about female vulnerability to a predatory form of masculinity. You will discover your sexual energy at the core of your being – which I call getting in touch with deeper sexual core involves uncovering your magnet so that you radiate energy and vitality.

  •  To experience yourself as pure energy (imbued with awareness) and to express that energy as joy, love, bliss.
  • Tantra offers a path through which you can learn to play, and through play drop your anxieties, your defences, your inhibitions.
  • To let your energy flow free of inhibitions and obstacles To re-experience life as energising, playful, joyful and ultimately liberating.

Benefits for women include;

  • access feminine awareness as intuition
  • express energy as dance without having to hold yourself in
  • rediscover fun and spontaneity
  • reclaim your sexual power
  • take responsibility for your own sexual satisfaction
  • stop putting on a performance for your partner’s benefit
  • learn to savour sensual experience
  • increase orgasmic capacity exponentially


Sexual Secrets

I have written a guide on how to orgasm for women who haven’t yet done so, and how to help your..for the partners of women, who want to be able to give their woman an orgasm

It is up to you to train your lover to be able to meet you on that level – not for a quick fuck but for truly mind-blowing sexual play.

Your man might be looking in the wrong places to try to access the sexual energy that resides in you – even if it feels shut down right now – and he only finds it when he literally plugs not you. These days he might be looking in all the wrong places – fantasizing about other relationships, masturbating to porn… he might be convinced that women aren’t interested in sex. For too long, we’ve been convincing ourselves the same.
The truth is that women aren’t that keen on the sex that is on offer. Instead of taking matters into our own hands and going for the kind of sex we do want, we see ourselves as victims.

Too many women have been victims – at least a third – of rape, assault, harassment or domestic violence. It is imperative that we reverse this dynamic in sexual relationships and re-create sex as the healthy loving experience we want it to be.

If you have gone through these kinds of experiences in the past, the first stage of your Tantra journey is one of healing. You won’t be able to explore the joys of what Tantra has to offer until your body has let go of its memories of trauma, and your mind has let go of its fears and anxieties.
You can work with healing practices in your relationship with your partner, before going on to awaken your aliveness.

Tantra for Men

  • feel more confident
  • become a great lover
  • master your woman’s sexual responses so that you know how to give her what she wants
  • welcome your woman’s desire because you feel confident that she can satisfy herself in your arms
  • give your woman multiple and extended orgasms
  • experience greater sensuality, pleasure, erotic charge and orgasmic pleasure yourself
  • end the perpetual imbalance of wanting more sex than your partner
  • have a woman who wants sex desires you and enjoys your penis inside
  • feel more confident about value of your own way of being in the world
  • cultivate your awareness
  • hold the place of conscious awareness and remain in your own centre rather than behaving in a reactive way with anger or blaming
  • emotionally feel more secure instead of getting distracted by insecurities and jealousies
  • appreciate your increased potency and testosterone
  • the opportunity to experience yourself as the divine lover – a sex God.

Too many women are waiting like ‘sleeping beauty’ for their partner to unlock their fortresses and open them to their own sexual potential.
To awaken your woman and open her to sexual pleasure is a seductive journey with which you cultivate the deeper gifts of masculinity and feel empowered as a man.
You also cultivate your own energy and power and use the energy created through your sexual union to become more potent and manly.
Use this confidence to be more effective in the world, as well as more resilient in dealing with challenges out there.

Tantra for couples

  • Discover that each way of being in the world is absolutely fine
  • You don’t need to express your emotions in the way your woman might like you to
  • you don’t need to take her fluctuating emotions personally -as she might like you to; instead you can see emotions as just another manifestation of the dance of energy and let them pass through
  • in the relationship you can dance together as energy
  • sometimes one of you will identify with the pole of awareness while the over whirls around in the dance of emotion
  • at other times it will be the other way round
  • give your partner honouring energy tat you would normally reserve for church
  • cultivate appreciation and devotion
  • explore sexual potential to greater depth
  • find a place for the spiritual dimension in your relationship
  • schedule times for love-making just as you would for joint prayer or mediation practice
  • increase time spent love-making and enhance orgasmic capacity

To create your relationship in the likeness of a Tantric relationship, take every opportunity to lay your ego at the feet of your lover (since they love to trample on it anyway) and turn your relationship from a competitive in-fighting into a transformative mutual honouring.
Treat the body as a temple for the divine essence.

Learn to recognise the divine essence in your partner and let go of your irritation at their personality traits.

This is who they are – if there’s one thing you should have leant over the years, it’s that they won’t change!


In Tantra love is about cultivating loving energy within and allowing that to stream out
these practices are easy to share with a lover –  especially in the early stages of your relationship
just as compassion practices in buddhism and all the esoteric traditions emphasise the cultivation of loving kindness to generate and motivate every human interaction, so tantra cultivates love as an expression of our divine nature

The sexual energy is used to power your loving connections and you can also channel t to access your inner wisdom and power your creativity!

In the Tantric world view we are all manifestations of divine energy and need to accept ourselves just as we are.
We need to take care of ourselves and learn to appreciate our bodies just as we are.

We need to accept others just as they are, including their imperfections.
Tantra offers you the opportunity to step into this tradition of love, steeping yourself in it’s richness.
Cultivate a sense of yourselves as divine in a couple relationship by honouring your partner as the divine lover; the Beloved.

The Divine
One of the creation myths of Tantra is that the world is an expression of the divine love-play of Shiva and Shakti, and the world is a manifestation of their blissful love juices, which rain down on the world and bathe us in bliss. Shiva represents conscious awareness and Shakti represents energy. Life is the play of energy and awareness.
In a whole life it’s good to be able to hold both positions at once, as awareness infuses play with more purpose and meaning, while openness to the never needing play of energy leaves us more open to change, connection and energy. In a couple one person might align themselves more with one quality – it is good to be able to swap roles in order to keep the relationship open and vibrant.

During love-making, you can use the Tantric paradigm to choose to step into the divine, consciously creating ecstasy through our own blissful union.

As a God, your lover is to be honoured. He is the Beloved.
As a goddess, you become the Goddess, stepping into her immanent power and re-claiming the power and potency of your femininity.


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