Tantric Secrets; Expanded Orgasm

Tantric Secrets Explained; Open to Sexual Bliss

For Women who wish to expand their experience of orgasm.

You’re able to have a bigger range of orgasms than you thought – women can have at least 10 different kinds – and Tantric sex adds many more!

9 Step Programme for Women; Expand Your Orgasm.


Release Sexual Tension and Body Armouring

Awaken Sexual Energy

Build Desire

Open Your Body to Bliss

Genital Anatomy and Erogenous Zones

Genital Massage for Women

Increasing Sexual Arousal

Extended Sexual Orgasm



Benefits for women in following the Tantric Path

  • access feminine awareness as intuition
  • express energy as dance without having to hold yourself in
  • rediscover fun and spontaneity
  • reclaim your sexual power
  • take responsibility for your own sexual satisfaction
  • stop putting on a performance for your partner’s benefit
  • learn to savour sensual experience
  • increase orgasmic capacity exponentially

For too long, women have convinced themselves that they want intimacy rather than sex. The truth is that women might not be that keen on the quality of sex that is on offer. Instead of taking matters into our own hands and going for the kind of sex we do want, we too easily fall into seeing ourselves as victims. Tantra provides a way of radically changing all of that – and a path to sexual liberation and ecstasy.

Here I offer you some practices in healing  and sensual touch which you can incorporate with genital massage, solo and with a partner.

Exercises to open your body to ever more pleasure.

Genital Anatomy and Erogenous Zones

Every woman is wired differently. Find your pleasure zones to map your erotic body.

Genital Massage for Women

Guide to Female Genital Massage.

Increasing Sexual Arousal

Tantric Techniques to build arousal during sex.

Extended Sexual Orgasm

Cultivate extended orgasms, multiple orgasms, and energy orgasms through Tantric Techniques.

Using orgasmic energy for a life of bliss.


£27 will give you access to my 9 step programme on Expanded Orgasm

Sexual Secrets

I have written many books and recently a few how-to ebooks. One is for women on how to have an orgasm – and another for their partners – on how to give your woman an orgasm.



I trained in SkyDancing Tantra nearly 20 years ago and I’ve authored several books on Tantric Sex, including the best-selling Tantric Secrets; 7 Steps to the Best Sex of Your Life. You can see my author page here.

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