Sexual Mastery


Do You Want to Enjoy Sex even more than you thought possible … and Master Your Ejaculation?



Tantric Sex is quite simply the Best Sex of Your Life!

You and Your Partner can both have Multiple Orgasms during Extended Love-making.


It’s not all about endless intercourse without ejaculating!
The thought of having sex for hours on end puts off many – if you make the common mistake of equating sex with intercourse. However, many couples in long term relationships experience total stagnation of intimacy, interest and desire and experience precious little satisfaction between the sheets.

 Tantra involves a paradigm shift in how you view sexuality

As a sex therapist I can assure you that the experiences Tantric practices offer are far superior to conventional approaches to sexual problems. It offers the opportunity to radically transform the more mundane approaches many couples have to spicing up their sex life. These superficial understanding of sexuality fail to harness the power of our sex drive and end up killing the essential chemistry of a couple and driving them apart.
Our drive for sexual satisfaction is so great that we will sacrifice companionate marriages based on supportive friendship for a taste of erotic highs.

Discover the Benefits of becoming a Master Lover:

  •  Get better sex.
  • Get sex more often.
  • Feel much more enjoyment and build even greater erotic arousal.
  • Feel confident about your deep desirability.
  • Communicate a potent masculine presence that women find irresistible.
  • Feel confident that you know exactly what women want.
  • Know how to give a woman not just one orgasm, but multiple orgasms.
  • Ejaculate exactly when you want to – and only if you want to.
  • Maintain great erections.
  • Learn how to have Multiple Orgasms for Men

Enrol for my Master Lover program now!

I am a sex and relationship therapist who has worked with couples and singles, using therapy, coaching and guided Tantric techniques to transform relationships and create greater sexual connection and fulfilment.

I have designed this program for men following 18 years of Tantric study and practise as a sex therapist, and I have also tested it with my partner who has commented on all the materials I have prepared for you – from a man’s point of view.


12 Step Programme to Become a Master Lover

 by Cassandra Lorius, MA PGDip, Sex and Relationship Therapist.

I’m passionate about sex education – because it takes study and practice to get at anything you want to get good at. We’d all love to be a fantastic lover, but it can be difficult to find good information out there. Magazines are full of hype and headlines without providing useful guidance, while friends brag and boast without giving you any helpful information, while porn is such a long way from real life and features the stuff of fantasy rather than the sort of sex that leads to fulfilment for both partners in a relationship.

Finding out all about anatomy, how sex works in real relationships, and how to explore what’s right for you and your partner are key to cultivating great sex. Tantra is known for enhancing orgasmic potential in both men and women. Adding in breathing, meditation and visualisation take your experience up to another level. I am writing this course which puts together all the key elements of great sex and gives you exercises to work on at home.

The 12 step programme will be written primarily for men – whether you are single or in a relationship, and will offer exercises to do on your own and others with a partner. I want to offer you a range of practices with each step – so that there’s something there for everyone, to help you take another step to Sexual Mastery! For those of us who want to perfect our skills as a lover, it takes a lot of enjoyable practice!

The Tantric model of loving provides a holistic model of sexuality, which couples usually find more transformational than the traditional models sex therapists have inherited from the era of Masters and Johnson. Tantra is famous for techniques which help men last longer and awaken a partner’s desire – with expanded orgasms for both sexes.

Up till now you’ve had to join workshops to study techniques – which can be pretty challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Or commit to expensive couples trainings which offer great experiences but don’t necessarily deal with sexual issues.

You are one of a handful of men for whom I’m currently developing this 12 step plan which will take you step by step through all the stages of becoming a master lover, giving you the tools and techniques you need to transform your sex life. I’m going to try to complete each module within 2-3 weeks – but it may drift into a month. So the 12 step plan will take between 6-12 months to work through. Thanks for helping me support you in exploring these topics over the next year. 

Your first step will be on it’s way to you in a week or two.

The basic values of Tantra include cultivating connection (emotional as well as physical), meditative qualities, and enhanced sensual pleasure, through a deep immersion in your experience of sexuality. Cultivate

  • presence rather than performance

  • intimacy

  • sensuality

  • love-making techniques
  • whole body eroticism

  • energy and flow rather than genital friction

  • pleasure rather than rushing for your goal

  • sexual communication

  • confidence
  • care and consideration

  • shared experiences

  • better orgasms

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In the Tantric traditions, women are the initiators into the sexual arts and guide their partners through the practices for expanding your appreciation of your own erotic nature and the full potential of your sexuality, which woven together make up Tantric sex.

After years of working in the sex and relationship area I can assure you that all women are looking for a lover who understands female sexuality and knows how to open them to sexual ecstasy. Women will not be satisfied until you know how to fulfil them, and only then will they open up to you and enter a deeper relationship with you. As a woman I can help you achieve the self-knowledge and knowledge of female sexuality that will prove irresistible.

I cover 12 aspects of sexual mastery.

As a master Lover you will have gained mastery in some of these areas already, while others will be new to you and deserve deeper study and practice.

Practice is the key to cultivating your sexual mastery.

The program offers guided practises, video and audio files to help you master each aspect.

Contact me now to receive further information and the first part of the training.

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Benefits for men in following the Tantric Path

  • feel more confident
  • become great lover
  • master your woman’s sexual responses and know how to give her what she wants
  • welcome your woman’s desire because you feel confident that she can satisfy herself in your arms
  • give your woman multiple and extended orgasms
  • experience greater sensuality, pleasure, erotic charge and orgasmic pleasure yourself
  • end perpetual imbalance of wanting more sex than your partner
  • have a woman who wants sex desires you and enjoys your penis inside
  • feel more confident about value of your own way of being in the world
  • cultivate your awareness
  • cultivate conscious relationship
  • increase emotional connection and relationship security
  • appreciate your increased potency and testosterone

Cassandra Lorius is creating a programme for Sexual Mastery

Her 12 step programme for Master Lovers includes

  • Learn mindful meditation
  • Intensify sensual pleasure through savouring
  • Learn to receive
  • Whole body massage
  • Giving a genital massage
  • Connecting
  • Creating a pelvic /heart connection
  • Sexual potency
  • Expand your Orgasm
  • Slow sex
  • Ejaculation
  • Afterplay

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