Couple Sex Therapy with Tantra

Transform Your Sexual relationship now with Tantric couple sex therapy! Inline images 1

Cassandra Lorius, MA PGDip, Tantric Sex and Relationship Therapist.

I’m Cassandra Lorius, an experienced Sex and Relationship Therapist, trained at the leading Clinic for Sex Therapy in the Uk, the Porterbrook (NHS) Clinic. I’ve worked with many couples in London, Devon and on Skype

I’m the world’s first Tantric Couple Sex Therapist and combine tantric couple techniques with traditional couple therapy techniques, which you can explore here.

I’m available for coaching on-line via Skype, ongoing couple therapy or tailor-made day long or weekend Tantric couple retreats, in London and Devon.

I teach Tantric massage together with my colleague, and I currently offer nourishing days for couples in Devon, supporting relationship through massage, meditation and tantric couple rituals, together with my partner.

Cassandra and partner.
Cassandra and partner.
 I’m passionate about sex education – because it takes study and practice to get at anything you want to get good at. 
We’d all love to be a fantastic lover, effortlessly, but it can be difficult to find good information out there. Magazines are full of hype and headlines without providing useful guidance,  friends brag and boast without giving you any helpful information, while porn is such a long way from real life and features the stuff of fantasy rather than the sort of sex that leads to fulfilment for both partners in a relationship.

Finding out all about anatomy, how sex works in real relationships, and how to explore what’s right for you and your partner are key to cultivating great sex.

Tantra is known for enhancing orgasmic potential in both men and women. Adding in breathing, meditation and visualisation will take your experience up to another level.

The Tantric model of loving provides a holistic model of sexuality, which couples usually find more transformational than the traditional models sex therapists have inherited from the era of Masters and Johnson. Tantra is famous for techniques which help men last longer and awaken a partner’s desire – with expanded orgasms for both sexes.

Up till now you’ve had to join workshops to study techniques – which can be pretty challenging and sometimes overwhelming. Or commit to expensive couples trainings which offer great experiences but don’t necessarily deal with sexual issues.

I’m an expert in sexual problems and well as supporting couples with relationship issues.

I’ve also created some on-line courses in Sexual Mastery which put together all the key elements of great sex and gives you exercises to work on at home – whether you’re in a couple, or looking for a relationship. You can start preparing for a relationship right now – and I recommend doing so, if you’ve had intimacy or sexual problems in the past.

The basic values of Tantra include cultivating connection (emotional as well as physical), meditative qualities, and enhanced sensual pleasure, through a deep immersion in your experience of sexuality.


  • presence rather than performance

  • intimacy

  • sensuality

  • love-making techniques
  • whole body eroticism

  • energy and flow rather than genital friction

  • pleasure rather than rushing for your goal

  • sexual communication

  • confidence
  • care and consideration

  • shared experiences

  • better orgasms
Cassandra Lorius teaches Tantric Massage
Cassandra Lorius teaches Tantric Massage

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